Lucky Jet Game – Play For Free

One of the biggest appeals of online casinos, when compared to traditional land-based establishments, is the fact that they can play demo versions. One might say that a demo version is not at all gambling and has no similarities. However, successful gamblers will tell you that a demo version of a slot machine or a crash game can be a game changer (pun intended).

A demo version enables players to learn the game's specifics, its tricks, and other things. For example, Lucky Jet is a fairly new game since it was introduced barely two years ago. how are players supposed to know how to play it? That's where Lucky Jet demo enters the scene.

This article covers important specifics of the Lucky Jet demo game. You'll learn why it's important to play the demo version first, and what the differences are between the real-money game and the demo version.

Lucky Jet Demo – what is it?

If you want to play Lucky Jet demo version but don't know what it is, the answer is simple: it's a free-play version of the crash game Lucky Jet. The main thing that sets the demo version apart from the real-money game is that you don't gamble for real money. Instead, you get a virtual currency that you can use like a real one.

So, you can choose the Lucky Jet demo – play for free and learn how the game works:

  • Lucky Jet features an individual wearing a jetpack (hence the name of the game).
  • The game has a traditional crash gameplay where you have to wait for a few seconds for the game to load. During this time, you can place two bets (or just one).
  • Once the game is loaded, you will see the man with the jetpack take off into the sky. The higher he gets, the higher the multiplier goes (the maximum is x200).

If you withdraw winnings before the man flies away, you win and get your bet multiplied by the multiplier. If not, you lose. You can use the auto mode and switch on auto bet placement and auto withdrawals on a specified multiplier.

Demo mode – How to play?

Lucky Jet is a simple game with an easy-to-understand gameplay. If you've been playing such games as Aviator and JetX, you'll immediately understand what to do. The Lucky Jet demo game has the same features as the real game, except that you can't win real money:

  • As mentioned, the game features an individual who sets off into the sky. However, to activate the Lucky Jet game for free and see how it happens, you must choose "Demo" instead of "Play" when you click on the game icon at Pin-Up. If you choose the latter option, you'll activate the real game.
  • Once you see the Lucky Jet demo – play for free is downloaded, you can place a bet. The free version enables the manual and auto bet placement. You can set the bet amount, and the game will place it every time the game loads. Moreover, you can activate the auto withdrawal mode at a specified multiplier. For example, choose x3, and every time the multiplier reaches this number, the system will cash out.
  • If you choose manual controls, keep an eye on the screen to cash out before the man with a jetpack flies away. Typically, once the game loads, you have some time to watch how the man flies further into the sky. However, on a rare occasion, the man can fly away immediately when the game starts.

You can also use additional features like statistics. Lucky Jet has a convenient menu with a history of recent multipliers right on top of the screen. The statistics may also help you understand what amount of bet is the best and what multipliers occur more often, so you can use the auto withdrawal option and avoid losses.

Where to Play Lucky Jet Demo Mode?

You can play the demo mode at Pin-Up by choosing the "Demo" version. The casino offers a convenient way to test all games before going all in and gambling for real money.

Advantages and disadvantages of demo version

The demo version of the Lucky Jet crash game offers advantages and disadvantages for players. One of the primary advantages is that the demo version allows players to practice and familiarize themselves with the game without risking real money. This is especially beneficial for new players or those unfamiliar with the concept of crash games, who can learn the ropes before diving into real gameplay.

Since no real money is involved, players in the demo version won't experience any financial loss. It's an excellent way to enjoy the Lucky Jet demo without the fear of losing too much money and then suffering from the stress of it.

However, the free version has a few disadvantages. Players don't experience the adrenaline rush that comes with real money gambling. It doesn't provide a full test of their luck. Even though the demo version is based on the same software as the real one, it's not as fun to play when you have nothing to lose.

Here's a simple table to better understand the pros and cons of the demo game:

Pros ✅

Cons ❌


No adrenaline.

No losses of real money.

Can't test your luck.

Learning about the game's mechanics and its secrets.

The difference between Lucky Jet demo – play for free and playing for real money

Here's a simple table that clearly shows the differences between the real game and the demo version:

Lucky Jet full version

Lucky Jet demo – play for free

Live chat is available.

Live chat is not available.

Can use any bonuses and promotions.

Can't use bonuses or promotions.

Play for real money.

Play for virtual coins.

Demo versions give gamblers important knowledge of the game mechanics, rules, and strategies. Players can experiment with different approaches and tactics to see what works best. Moreover, they can even use statistics as a means to set a perfect bet and multiplier to withdraw money.

Bonus Code for Pin-Up Lucky Jet

Players looking to score a Lucky Jet promo code for Pin-Up Casino are in for a treat because the casino often sends out various bonuses and promo codes that players can redeem and use when gambling. As for the Lucky Jet promo code and bonus, players have a few options to choose from to claim an amazing chance to win more.

One of the most accessible ways to discover a bonus code Lucky Jet game is by following Pin-Up's official media accounts. Pin Up regularly shares promotional codes for various games, including the exciting Lucky Jet. By keeping an eye on their official channels, players can stay in the loop about the latest offers and bonuses.

For those who prefer a direct route, Pin-Up has made it incredibly convenient. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the website, where you'll find a dedicated "Bonus promo codes" button. Clicking on this button will provide links to Pin-Up's official Telegram channel and Telegram chat.

These channels often send out promo codes and exclusive offers. Plus, in the Telegram chat, players have the added advantage of communicating with fellow players, sharing tips, strategies, and, of course, an occasional Lucky Jet promo code and codes for other games.


Do I need to register to play the Lucky Jet demo?

No, you can play without creating an account. You must create an account if you play the full version.

Is it possible to withdraw winnings from Lucky Jet demo mode?

No, it’s impossible since you play for virtual DMO coins

Is it possible to play in demo mode in Pin Up app?

Yes, it is possible to play the demo version on a mobile app